Experience + Education

Work Experience

Software Dev Engineer

  • Successfully developed new components for the website, increasing user engagement by 15% and enhancing user experiences.
  • Delivered product features and technology improvements as part of a passionate agile development team working on a high-impact roadmap.
  • Played a pivotal role in improving the website's SEO performance for the past two quarters, resulting in a 25% increase in organic traffic and visibility.
July'22 - March'24 | Los Angeles, Ca (Remote)

Frontend Developer

  • Led the end-to-end development and deployment, encompassing the design, implementation, and deployment of the main page, site structure, Google Ads integration, and analytics.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed new features to streamline user flows and increase web traffic by 20%.
  • Collaborated closely with product management to prioritize and deliver high-impact features, resulting in a 15% increase in user retention and a 10% boost in overall site engagement.
March'22 - July '22 | Los Angeles, Ca (Remote)

Frontend Developer

  • Enhanced functionality and appearance of the website and repaired functionality issues
  • Developed and delivered multiple websites, ensuring they met coding standards and cross-browser compatibilities, which led to a 20% increase in client satisfaction.
  • Developed custom mobile-friendly WordPress templates using PHP and themes to align with site design and branding for clients, increasing mobile traffic by 25%.
February'22 - March'22 | Los Angeles, Ca (Remote)

Software Engineer

  • Ensured that the frontend components are compatible with various browsers, optimizing the user experience across different platforms.
  • Mapped the user flow to improve website layouts to ensure responsiveness and improve user engagement.
  • Adept at seamlessly working with diverse teams, leveraging effective communication and adaptability to contribute to the success of interdisciplinary projects.
December'20 - January'22 | Los Angeles, Ca (Remote)
  • Computer Science: Master the Theory Behind Programming
  • Web Developer Bootcamp: Full stack immersive web development program covering Java Script, including an emphasis on frameworks like React and server side technologies including Node.js, Express.js
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures: Computer Science and Coding Bootcamp


Faculty of Business/Managerial Economics

  • Maintained an overall CGPA of 3.8.
  • Won extracurricular award Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
Jul '10 - Aug '15 | Moscow, Russia


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    Krypt App

    Real Web 3.0 Blochain application. You can send Ethereum through the Blockchain network. MetaMask pairing. Iteraction with the Smart Contracts on Ethereum based network using Solidity language. What I used: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS(Tailwind), Solidity

  • Generic placeholder image

    Blockchain Application - Digital Bank

    Digital bank where you can earn interest for depositing cryptocurrency. In this app I set Blockchain, Ethereum smart contract, client side web site. What I used: JavaScript, Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle.

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    Crypto API News

    An API showing all the latest cryptocurrency news all around the world


  • Fitness Tracker

    Fitness Tracker June'24 (in progress)

    Project 13

    Fitness tracker that allows users to log their workouts, track progress, and manage their profiles with secure authentication, including Google sign-in.
    What I used: JavaScript, React.js, Firebase, HTML, CSS
    You can view the code and the project plan on GitHub.

  • Interesting Fact Generator

    Interesting Fact Generator

    Project 12

    Web app utilizing ChatGPT to deliver curated facts based on user input, primarily focused on animals. It features a chat-like interface for user interaction, providing a seamless experience for exploring interesting facts about favorite animals.
    What I used: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS, Express
    Might load longer bc I'm using free version to host my project

  • Reusable Infinite Scroll Component

    Reusable Infinite Scroll Component

    Project 11

    This project demonstrates a reusable Infinite Scroll component using React and JavaScript. The component dynamically fetches and displays data from an API as the user scrolls down the page.
    What I used: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS, Axios

  • My Recipes App(upcoming)

    Project 10

    Currently working on creating a my own recipes website using everything Amazon AWS can offer. Created DynamoDB database on AWS and entire website using React and Tailwind via Vite from scratch. Smartphone responsive.
    What I used: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Dynamo DB, AWS Amplify, CloudWatch

  • Recipes App

    Recipes App

    Project 9

    I've developed a Recipe App using React, leveraging libraries like framer-motion, react-router-dom, and styled-components. It offers search functionality and presents recipes across four cuisine categories, along with sections for Popular and Veggie picks on the main page. I've integrated's API for data sourcing.
    What I used: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS

  • UI/UX Animation Gallery Website

    UI/UX Animation Gallery Website

    Project 8

    Animated Gallery created with parallax effect when scrolling. I created animated background that repeats the colors of the images and blends smoothly from one to another with Blur effect. What I used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • Image Gallery Mouse Move Effect

    Image Gallery Mouse Move Effect

    Project 7

    Created an image gallery which moves with the mouse position. What I used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • Crypto API News

    Project 6

    An API showing all the latest cryptocurrency news all around the world

  • Picture me Picture me

    Picture me (Similar to Pinterest)

    Project 5

    Photo sharing social media application. Users can login and register through custom page using Google Auntefication. Image of each bin can be downloaded, distination URL and also save it. You can leave comments under each picture.

  • Marvel Universe Online Chat

    Marvel Universe Online Chat

    Project 4

    Created with React Chat App. You can send text and images from your profile.

    Login page, online statuses, and functionality, icons telling you who read the message, image support, sound notifications, the ability to create multiple rooms.

    Login: maincharacter

    Password: 123123

  • Yosemite Best Hikes

    Yosemite Best Hikes

    Project 3

    Yosemite hikes page where you can sort trails by difficulty. Created with the React JS library.

  • To Do List

    To Do List

    Project 2

    A dynamic and aesthetic To Do list Website build with HTML, CSS and Vanila JavaScript. User-friendly, displays current date and time.

  • Snake Game

    Snake Game

    Project 1

    A simple snake game created with the React JS library.



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